Athletic Resume

Personal Information:

Mobile: +961 3 403101


Address: Bou Hassan Residence Abey, Lebanon

Achievements: 2011:

Red Bull Car Park Drift 2011

Garife Course de Côte 2011

Barouk Event 2011

Achievements 2012:

Bay View Event 2011 2012:

Baysour Festival 2012

Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012

Tall Al Zaatar event 2012

Salima event 2012

BMW Club Festival 2012                                                        

Serjbell Course de Côte 2012

Ain Zhalta event 2012

Baakline festival 2012

MUBS Event 2012                                                      

Barouk Event 2012

Garife Course de Côte 2012

Batroun Event 2012

BourjHammoud Event 2012                                         

Byblos Event 2012

Daher El Ahmar event 2012


Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

ATCL 2013

Mayrouba event with Stunt man “Terry Grant” 2013

Al Damour event 2013

Tall Al Zaatar event 2013

Salima event 2013

Hasbayya Event 2013

BMW Club Festival 2013

Baysour Festival 2013

Serjbell Course de Côte 2013

Baakline festival 2013

Deir El Amar event 2013

Bekassen Event 2013

Bay View Event 2013

Slim Oil Event 2013

Camil Chamoun Stadium event 2013

Saida event 2013

BourjHammoud Event 2013

Byblos Event 2013

Daher El Ahmar event 2013                                  


Tripoli event 2014

Camil Chamoun Stadium event 2014

Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show at Platea Jounieh – Lebanon -2014

ATCL Lebanese Drifting Competition: 5 rounds - 2nd Place Overall ( Amateur Category)

Opening Car for Deir El Kamar Course de côte – Rami Breich Racing team 2014

Opening Car for Bseba Speedtest – Salim Hamzy Racing team 2014

Opening Burnout Competition - Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show at Platea

Jounieh - 2014

Camil Chamoun Stadium event 2014

Saida event 2014

BourjHammoud Event 2014


Zahle Sport Club Event in Jdita 2015

Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show at Platea Jounieh – Lebanon -2015

Opening Car for Serjbel Course de côte – Salim Hamzy Racing team 2015

Opening Car for Montiverde Speedtest and drifting – F.E.L.I.X Racing team 2015

Opening Car for Drifting competition at Bassal Drifting Arena – Nabatiyeh – 2015

Opening Car for Gharifeh Course de côte – Salim Hamzy Racing team 2015

Byblos Event 2015

Daher El Ahmar event 2015


Caamile Chamoun Stadium event 2016                            

Nabateye event 2016

Rashaya event 2016

Byblos event 2016

Montiverde event 2016

Custom Show Emirates – Abu Dhabi 2016

Gulf Car Festival Show – Dubai 2016

 Ajman Police Event 2016

Motor Plex event – Um Al Keween 2016                                              

Opening car Deir El Kamar cores de cote 2016                                      

Zahle sport club event 2016


Madine Al Riyadehe (Beir Hassan) Drift show "BMW E6 Club Lebanon" 

Zahle Carting Club Drift show "F.R.T.C Felix Racing Team Club" 

Deir Al Kamar Course de cote "Breish and Abou Hamdan Group" 

Kfardebien Piste Warde Drift show "Wild Way Racing"

Burj Hamoud .  RIP George Frem organized by E46 club Lebanon

Mimis Event at Mimis (Hasbaya)

Baadaran Airport (Bikers Event)

Wild Endurance Qartaba

3rd of September “ Stunts to be Remembered” Guinness World Record

Ain Zhalta event (Rami Breish , Akram Bou Hamdan Group)

Deir Al Kamar Course De Cote (Salim Hamzeh)

E46 annual meeting (Bourj Hamoud)

BMW Club Lebanon annual meeting (Kfardebien)

The Boss competition (Jordan)

Bshatfeen Course De Cote


Wild Way Racing event

26 of August "Stunting YOGA Style" Guinness World Record Attempt was achieved

Eddy Foundation Event ( For awareness)

Red Cross Graduation Ceremony

Burj Hamoud (organized by E46 club Lebanon)

Ziko & Ahwaje group (Nabateye circuit Basal)

Madene Al Reyadeye event

E46 annual meeting (Bourj Hamoud)

Fouad Shebab event (Jounieh)


BMW Club Lebanon annual meeting

Ziko & Ahwaje group (Nabateye circuit Basal)

The Boss competition (Jordan)

29 of September " Burnout Mania" Guinness World Record Attempt  was achieved  


In 1/2/3 of December 2022 we were participating in some entertainment shows in the Toyota Saudi Championship (Toyota Gazoo Racing) in Jeddah Saudi Arabia