I started my career as a teenager in the streets of Beirut.

Although I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality management.

Cars and drifting were a priority in my life. I was fully dedicated to cars and to all racing events happening in the world. My passion for cars led me to another crazy world of Stunts, where I have chosen to perform some special extreme stunt shows.

These special crazy shows reflect what I really feel deep inside towards my passion for cars. Since 2011, I have been hosted by different organizers to illuminate their events and perform some extreme stunt shows.

The audience was amazed by these shows and thank God, I felt so glad watching the smiles and support of all the people around me. I am really blessed for their love and support.

Mid 2011, my fan club was established where I received continuous full support during my events and shows. As well during this year, I joined the official “BMW Club Lebanon” and am still a member. Then in 2012, I bought 2 more BMW’s and adjusted them to help me during my stunt shows (with special locks and mechanical tricks) in a way to always insure a high level of SAFETY! (Since safety for us, stunt drivers come first), so I developed mechanically to facilitate my new stunt techniques and styles.

Then in 2013 I joined the ATCL Club here in Beirut and participated in many speed tests and drifting events organized officially by the ATCL.

In parallel, event organizers used to invite me for the opening of their racing events and competition, and to do my stunt shows during the event.

In 2014, I took the 2nd place overall in the ATCL, a drifting competition all around Lebanon in the amateur category.

Then in 2015 i continued surprising my fans in extreme stunt shows and also invited for opening their racing events and competitions

In 2016 I traveled to the United Arab Emirates.  I did many extreme stunt shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Umm Al Keween. And I will be back soon for more shows and events soon.

At the same time, I am always working and planning for new surprising stunt shows and techniques. I want to go far beyond what people know about me.

On the 3rd of September 2017 at the Forum De Beyrouth I broke a record and entered the Guinness World Record TM for the Most Simultaneous Car Donuts by the Same Driver.ناجي-بو-حسن-يدخل-غينيس-للأرقام-القياسي 

On the 26 of August at Aley City Mount Lebanon a New Record was achieved for the most  CONSECUTIVE DONUTS IN A CAR WHILE SITTING ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR.

On the 29 of September 2019 at Beirut Downtown (Martyrs Square) A New Guinness World Record was set under the title of The MOST SIMULTANEOUS CAR TYRE BURNOUT BY THE SAME DRIVER.  

In 1/2/3 of December 2022 we were participating in some entertainment shows in the Toyota Saudi Championship (Toyota Gazoo Racing) in Jeddah Saudi Arabia